EUKOR Car Carriers Inc.


Ethics & Compliance Hotline close

The Ethics & Compliance Hotline is an anonymous reporting channel to raise concerns about possible illegal, unethical or improper conduct within EUKOR. The Hotline should be used when the normal channels of communication have proven ineffective, you are unsure about where to go with your concerns, you feel uncomfortable communicating through normal reporting lines, or wish to raise the issue anonymously. Any report you make will be treated confidentially and respectfully. The Ethics and Compliance Hotline is run by an independent third-party provider, and is designed to protect your confidentiality and anonymity.

For any customer concerns, please contact your local customer service (please see "contact us").

CEO Greetings


As an industry leader, EUKOR continuously strives for excellence. Our solid experience in the market coupled with our unique background allows us to better navigate the industry, resulting in the optimum transportation solutions for our clients. We are quick to notice and respond to changing customers’ needs – which is why we are entrusted with cargo from the world’s leading manufacturers.

As a company that values partnerships, EUKOR is committed. We don’t ask for trust; we deliver trust. Our competitive services and long-term client relationships prove that we are reliable. We constantly push to develop our fleet and services, always with the mindset of providing quality, including

short lead times and damage-free handling. We treat every stage of our service provision with care and attention to ensure that we are not only delivering our customers’ cargo
– but also earning their trust.

Domestic or global, EUKOR acts with the same integrity and reliability. Packaged together with the local convenience of our offices, it means our worldwide customers are always in safe hands – no matter where they are based.

Our proficiency as an industry leader and trusted partner guarantees our customers that being onboard with EUKOR Car Carriers is an experience that is second to none.