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Carbon Compass 2.0 - To meet your evolving GHG emission data needs

In today's world, we see a growing need and interest to deliver more sustainable shipping. Reducing the impact of CO2 emissions in the outbound supply chain is more important than ever. As an important part of our decarbonisation strategy, we are introducing Carbon Compass 2.0 which will provide our contract customers with transparent greenhouse gas emissions data to support their 'Scope 3' supply chain emission reporting needs.

Move towards a more sustainable carbon neutral shipping

We have been delivering innovative shipping and logistics to the world’s leading manufacturers for over 100 years. Carbon Compass 2.0 - an upgraded version of our carbon footprint measurement tool - to provide you with more tailored and granular shipping emissions data and help you on the way towards a carbon neutral supply chain.

Measure your carbon footprint with Carbon Compass 2.0

Carbon Compass 2.0 is calculating total CO2 and CO2 intensity of the ocean leg of your supply chain. Emissions are measured based on IMO emissions factors and the key operation parameters that determine GHG emissions.

It gives tailored, accurate and timely emission data that are based on fuel consumed, actual cargo weight and distance sailed. This will make it easier for you to monitor and report your ‘Scope 3’ supply chain emissions.

With our fully updated and improved CO2 footprint calculator ‘Carbon Compass 2.0’:

  • We can provide specific carbon emissions data that is tailored and granular and accurate.
  • We present results using the overall global or trade route averages as a basis, or only using the voyages on which the customer has cargo.
  • Will help you better understand what drives emissions
Our customers are facing increasing pressure to report their supply-chain emissions. Currently, this is slow, manual work and is often based on estimates. With Carbon Compass, we can now provide highly accurate data. This solves their reporting challenges and will also create new engagement opportunities.

Xavier Leroi

Chief Customer Officer

How can this help you reduce shipping emissions?

Having clear, accurate and detailed carbon footprint data of your ocean shipments, also provides a basis for discussion on collaborative emission reduction initiatives. We are more than happy to help you lower carbon footprint of the ocean leg of your supply chain.

Reach out to your local sales manager to learn more on how Carbon Compass can support your shipping emission reporting needs.