As a leading global provider of RoRo transportation services, we deliver nearly 3.2 million Car Equivalent Units (CEU) across our extensive network of trade routes, making about 3,650 port calls each year.

Given the pace of change in the automotive industry, the supply chain faces the paradox of pressure on costs at the same time as increasing demands for flexibility and performance. Inventories must be kept low, production stable and deliveries visible and on time for end customers.

Amid rapidly changing market dynamics at all times, we provide innovative and customized service to meet the market demand. Our competitive services and long-term client relationships prove that we are reliable.

Serving the auto industry

EUKOR Automotive 4

Vehicles ready for loading


Loading vehicles onto the vessel

EUKOR Automotive 5

Automobiles loaded on appropriate decks

EUKOR Automotive 1

Automobiles firmly lashed to the vessel

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