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Good business ethics is central to the EUKOR brand and our competitive position in the market.

Our Code of Conduct describes our standards of business ethics. It applies to all EUKOR employees and others working with or for the company. Good business ethics enhance the strength of the EUKOR brand and our competitive position in the market.

This Code addresses certain major concerns applicable to us all. These include compliance with the law, fair business conduct, financial offerings and/or gifts, anti-corruption, working environment, entertainment, drugs and alcohol, conflicts of interest, external engagement and confidential information and insider dealing.

This list is however not exhaustive. More detailed standards may apply to certain businesses or markets. These will always be in harmony with this Code. Each individual is responsible to inform about relevant company principles, policies and policy descriptions when representing the company or dealing with others. In cases of doubt about the interpretation or applicability of this Code, advice is to be sought from the respective manager. Breaching this Code may result in disciplinary action and in serious cases possible dismissal and/or civil action. Allegations of infringement that are brought forward in an appropriate and responsible manner will be acted upon.

Competition law (also called “antitrust law”) prohibits agreements, practices and conduct which have a damaging effect on competition. It is the policy of EUKOR to comply strictly with competition laws, and fair and correct behavior in competition is mandatory for every employee.

EUKOR has a clear Competition Compliance Guideline which explains the basic provisions of antitrust and competition laws, to make both management and employees aware of the basic rules, and how these rules affect their business behavior in making commercial decisions. In order to enhance level of competition compliance within the company, all employees regularly receive compliance training on relevant laws and internal policies.

In case of doubt or in any instance where an employee has a question as to whether a particular course of action has a risk of violating competition laws and policies, he/ she should contact the Compliance Officer for advice. “I did not know it was illegal” is not an excuse for the competition authorities.

Where you believe, in good faith, there is a violation of applicable competition laws and regulations, please report the matter through the hotline.

This anti-corruption policy is applicable to all employees, permanent and contracted, of EUKOR and others working for the company. Suppliers, agents and other business partners are expected to follow the same or similar principles.

The policy presents the principles that EUKOR applies in order to ensure compliance with legal requirements and prevent corruption.

Bribes and Facilitation Payments: EUKOR does not accept bribery in any form, whether received or given, and work pro-actively against facilitation payments (to encourage public servants, representatives or the authorities or other individuals to expedite or conduct routine tasks). Offering or accepting bribes that may constitute personal benefits for the employee or the employee’s family or friends, either directly or indirectly, is also prohibited.

Gifts and Hospitality: Building of good business relationships is encouraged, and hospitality as well as exchange or provision of modest gifts may form part of this. However, gifts and hospitality must be limited in value and frequency, in compliance with all applicable laws and within customary business practice. Employees must not accept to receive, offer or provide gifts or hospitality which has the object, or potential, of inducing or rewarding improper conduct and/or influencing parties to gain an advantage. EUKOR employees should use their own judgement, and ask a Superior Manager, HR or Legal & Compliance when in doubt, to assess whether a particular gift or hospitality is appropriate, taking into consideration the Gifts and Hospitality Policy.

Conflict of Interests: EUKOR employees shall not engage in activities that involve a conflict between the employees’ personal interests and EUKOR’s interests. Such conflicts of interest could compromise the professional judgment and one’s ability to make correct business decisions.

Breaches of this policy will lead to disciplinary measures including termination of employment depending upon severity, and may also cause legal actions and prosecution under local laws.

Have you seen, or heard of, things that seem questionable to you? Here at EUKOR, we strive to work in an atmosphere of openness. We want to know if you have concerns about how we operate and do business. We greatly appreciate your candor.

The Alert line is a confidential service that you can access from any location. Reports may be made on either an anonymous or named basis. This website is hosted by an independent third party. You may report anonymously with confidence on this site if you choose.

Concerns can be a broad range of matters; for example from Health, Environment and Safety breaches to fraud, corrupt activities, conflicts of interest, working environment issues, bullying and harassment.

Our activities revolve around five core values; courage, trust, imagination, candor and speed, and these are related to our aim of having a culture of open communication. Please get in touch if there’s anything you’d like to flag or discuss.