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As a part of the Wallenius Wilhelmsen group, we are working towards our goal of zero emission logistics. Climate change, energy transition, digitisation and technology disruption are rapidly creating new expectations of our industry. By thinking boldly and acting more sustainably, we're future-proofing our business while creating long term value for all our stakeholders.

Sustainability is at the core of how we work, and in a world that is environmentally aware it will be a driver of our business development, too. That's why we take a Lean: Green approach to drive the best outcomes for people, our business and the planet.

6 pillars of our Lean:Green sustainability strategy

  1. Drive progress through initiatives that are both lean and green
  2. Focus on high impact changes, for people and the environment
  3. Advocate for environmentally sound regulations
  4. Find and fund 'Lean:Green' technologies and sustainable solutions
  5. Embrace transparency; be visible and be credible
  6. Leverage our sustainability expertise for commercial value
Sustainable business practices go hand in hand with financial performance of the company – these are not ‘either or’ matters for us – it’s both.

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Our sustainability focus areas

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