Europe, Middle East, Africa

updated as of January 11, 2024

On the ocean

We will continue to adapt our product and add capacity where possible in accordance with the forecasts that our customer provide. Though vessel schedules continue to be disrupted due to port congestion and other issues at ports throughout the region.

In ports and terminals

Southampton: Terminal volumes remain steady for normal operating capacity. Focus continues on storage management for ensuring capacity optimization. The team also continues to focus on vessel congestion and minimizing waiting days at the port. Export volumes are steady, and we start to see an increase in Imports but again remain steady.

: Capacity for export cargo remain under control, considering shorter delivery windows. The main challenge is the import volumes which are occupying too much space on the terminal with very low to no throughput.

: Terminal is almost at full capacity, with auto volumes being high. Receivers' individual storage is still being closely monitored, and if above agreed limits there is a risk that cargo will be refused for discharge. ​

The port currently is handing more import volumes and operations remain stable. Though there are several other disruptions that may impact the industry including protests by farmers that are obstruction critical infrastructure to and from the port. There are concerns that this will impact truckers picking up and dropping off cargo. The railway union strike has also brought the majority of rail traffic to a stop.

: Terminal is heavily congested due to high import volumes and reduced storage area.

Congestion expected due to high export and import volume.

Terminal congestion to be expected due to high ​import volumes.

Congestion expected due to high export volume.

: Congestion expected due to high transshipment volume.

The congestion in the RoRo terminal has improved recently due to a strong push from OEMs to clear cargo from the terminal in a timely manner combined with large export volumes being loaded. While capacity remains a challenge, the terminal continues to work to improve the situation.

Terminal capacity has been well managed so far by the terminals new service provider. While there are high volumes handled, the terminal has been able to ensure that there is enough space for incoming vessels and that there are no delays. Space had been affected by high number of roll trailers, high & heavy cargo and static cargo. However good planning with the transporters have resulted in cargo being evacuated timeously, this slightly affected operations on some vessels as transporters uplift cargo whilst the vessels are working.

At our processing centers

Vehicle processing
Zeebrugge: Our vehicle processing center is open and operational. Hours of operation remain the same and staff is equipped with safety materials to prevent exposure.

Dubai: Our vehicle processing center is open and operational. Staff is continuing to work closely with customers to support increased storage requirements.

Equipment processing
Zeebrugge: Our equipment processing center is open and operational. As storage capacity continues to be stretched, we encourage customers to pick up their cargo as soon as possible. Regular hours of operation remain in place.

Dubai: Our equipment processing center is open and operational. We are working with our customers to support their additional storage requirements.

As OEMs continue to operate with varied manufacturing schedules and as they face new and potentially unforeseen challenges, we are committed to supporting our customers to maintain a healthy supply chain. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs further.