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Don't just take our word for it - see what our people have to say about life at EUKOR.

Come go, grow and succed with us

Learning and growing is what makes work fun. We strive to deliver a working environment where everyone has the same opportunities and possibilities.

From your very first day on the job, you are part of our Go.Grow.Succeed program. Together with your manager, you set your own challenges and learning targets, putting you on the right track for success.

Area specialist program

In EUKOR, we provide employees an opportunity to broaden their working experience and deepen perspective through 'Area Specialist Program (a.k.a. ASP in short).'

This exchange program is designed to develop global competencies for junior staff members, deepen understandings of how overseas office work in the local market as well as enhance relationships with customers and agencies.

Here's an interview with Mr. Tim Chen, telling his story about ASP at HQ in Korea. Tim, who joined EUKOR 8 years ago, is a Sales Manager from EUKOR China, who is based in Shanghai.

"Trying my wings"

Q: What did you like the most about your time during ASP in Korea?

A: I could have face to face working experience with colleagues at HQ instead of tele-conference discussions for daily business/trade coordination, customer services. Also study further about current company profile, atmosphere and different teams’ workload, structure and responsibilities.

Q: Apart from work life, what do you think is the benefit of this program?

A: Outside the office, I enjoyed participating in EUKOR tennis club and futsal club activities. There are many different types of club activities supported by the company, from mountain climbing, Futsal to Tennis. By participating in those club activities, I could build stronger relationships with the colleagues and learn more about Korean culture. This is one of EUKOR's unique company culture and I strongly recommend colleagues to apply for ASP.

** All the employees with over 3-year-work experiences at EUKOR can participate in the ASP. This program has been in place for a long time in EUKOR history and is believed to have provided many junior staff members an opportunity to expose to a bigger world and broaden their perspectives.

Induction program

The Induction Program at EUKOR is an annual program designed to assist newcomers to settle into her/his new role and organization. Through the program, which is held once every year in accordance with WW group onboarding policy, participants discover more about the company as a whole, enhance relationship and communication through face-to-face meeting with colleagues in Seoul and make acquaintance with new employees from different overseas offices.

Here's an interview with Ms. Anna Skott, sharing her experience about the induction program at HQ in Seoul. Anna is a new Senior Manager Voyage & Travelling Supercargo Operation based in Stockholm.

"Excited to be onboard"

Q: Welcome onboard. I heard you have over 15 years of experience in the shipping industry. Tell us a little bit about your career background, where you worked before you joined EUKOR.

A: My first contact with our group was already during my time at maritime academy and after graduation I joined the former OW fleet as 3rd and later as 2nd officer in 2004. In 2008, I was promoted to Chief Officer and stayed in that position until I joined what is now WW Ocean as travelling supercargo and stowage planner in late 2011.

Q: Your past working experiences would be of great help for you taking the role as Senior manager Voyage & traveling cargo operation at EUKOR.

A: Yes, very much. During my time at WW Ocean I also held a role under what today is called Marine Operations in combination with Vessel operation, however with a global and not regional view. Focusing on scheduling and vessel efficiency but also coordination of dry docking /repairs and off hire with ship management together with delivery/ re-delivery ref. chartering and advising/ monitoring masters on target to arrive following region in coordination with tonnage allocation etc.

Q: What were the most memorable moments during your stay in Korea for the two weeks?

A: I find these weeks here at HQ to be of great value in many ways. To be able to meet face to face, discuss and hear the college’ aspects builds up a trust and relation that I would say is would be very hard to achieve otherwise. To have the time to sit down and listen and learn from so many different departments and see how it all comes together in the end has been really educational. Also it was very interesting and satisfying since I am a person who think it is important to get the understanding of a company’s culture and history as well as future goals and plans in order to make good decisions.

What struck me the most already the first days was the energy, curiosity and happy faces I met during my stay. Seeing employees as a company’s biggest asset it is really encouraging to see that the energy is so present even tougher we still have a lot to take on.

Emergency response team

It is important to have an emergency response team in place to respond to natural disasters or an interruption of business operations. In a situation like COVID-19 pandemic, which has started to rapidly sweep across the world since the beginning of 2020, we have formed the Emergency Response Team (or ERT), a group of people mostly from department heads, with an aim to protect the health and safety of our employees, support business continuity and to do our part to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

Human Resources team has been closely supporting the ERT since the outbreak of the virus, preparing for and responding to any emergencies related to COVID-19. Here is a short interview with a HR manager Ms. Hwasuk Yoo to hear about how we keep our business running.

“How we keep our business running”

Q. Many people say the world before and after COVID-19 cannot be the same. Everything seems to have changed since the outbreak of the virus, such as the way we work, for example. How did COVID-19 change your everyday life at work as a HR manager?

A: I start everyday with monitoring. Since February, monitoring the number of new COVID-19 confirmed cases, government’s response guidelines responding to the severity of the local situation have become a routine for me and my team. Monitoring includes updates from the office building where our office is located as well.

We have about 13 global offices including head office in Seoul. Our managers at HQ and HR personnel at local and overseas offices are collaborating closely to ensure every staff member feel safe and supported and able to continue to support customers in turn. We also share our local COVID-19 updates with the Global Emergency Team at Wallenius Wilhelmsen group to remain as agile as possible.

Q. Tell us more about necessary steps company has taken to keep business running.

A: To keep our office safer for everyone, we disinfected our office once every two months, placed hand sanitizers around the office, purchased face masks to provide to our staff in case of emergency, placed guidelines for various rules to be followed within the office, such as washing hands and wearing a mask.

For work efficiency, we expanded flexible working system - which include encouraging employees to work from home, refrain from having unnecessary face-to-face meetings and use Microsoft Teams instead. Also, we continuously advised employees to avoid activities or gatherings after work. Encouraged employees not to participate in public gatherings with size over 50 people (indoors)/100 people (outdoors).

Thanks to all our employees, who have been very cooperative, we were able to manage the business both at the office and online from home with digital tools under COVID-19 situation.

Q. During the pandemic, what has been the biggest challenge for the department?

A: As the COVID-19 pandemic prolongs, everyone seems to be exhausted. But it is important that we all continue to comply with infection prevention measures and participate in social distancing efforts to stopping the spread of COVID-19.

If you, or a member of your family or someone you have been in contact with has the Coronavirus, you should immediately call/email your manager as well as local HR Manager and seek immediate medical assistance.

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