COVID-19 Update #3

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The Global Picture

Thanks to great cooperation with our customers and business partners, we are glad to see that we’ve been able to uphold a steady flow of sailings through the COVID-19 pandemic. Working together across the Wallenius Wilhelmsen group brands, we have pooled our resources and managed to adjust to the situation and keep business running in a new way, adapted to current needs.

We now see more customers’ working gradually to start up operations around the world, and we are in turn preparing to step up activity at the pace required. Our focus has been, and will continue to be, the safety of our employees and the community, and securing our operations to serve our customers in the best way possible as needs evolve.

These are challenging times, and it is encouraging to see that we now can start preparing for a more normalized state of business. We look forward to taking on the challenges and opportunities of the recovery phase together with you.

On the Ocean

Based on the forecasts received from customers’ we see a substantial drop in volumes compared to normal operations. We are now seeing most factories in the world, including Europe and North America re-opening. However, production is starting at very low levels and we are still lacking a proper production overview of units to be shipped from all the cargo origin. Therefore, the number of sailings have been reduced to match volume forecasts, meaning less frequency and longer lead time. This will continue to put existing standard performance levels and metrics temporarily on hold.

In Ports & Terminals

Operations: All our regular ports of call and terminals are currently open and operational.

Health Care: Our terminals have incorporated WHO, and other similar guidelines in line with the countries in which they operate. While these may vary, staff continues to share and adopt best practices on how to keep staff safe and facilities clean.

At our offices

Where possible, most of our offices around the world continue to open and operational and employees work to a significant extend from home or at offices in order to minimize health risk and ensure business continuity.

Your EUKOR contact will keep you updated on any specific changes that may concern you.

It is equally important that we hear from you regarding changes in your business plans. This transparency will assist us in providing you with the best service possible. You can also always reach our customer care teams here.

We will continue to follow developments closely, keeping in close contact with customers and business partners, working together for the best possible outcomes.