EUKOR contributes to carrying over 4,000 buses ex. China to Jeddah


Summer is usually regarded as a slow season for the RoRo market. It is very important that we keep tonnage balanced to make stable growth throughout the year. Back in June, there was time when EUKOR was concerned about tonnage surplus due to continuous cargo decrease expected in July and August.

However, thanks to EUKOR clinching orders of a total of some two thousand units of school bus delivery ex. China to Saudi Arabia during this Summer and even with higher net freight/CBM compared to the similar bus project last year, we were able to keep tonnage balanced as well as carry profitable volumes, resulting in achieving the effect of killing two birds with one stone. What makes this bus project even more special is that EUKOR has been chosen as the carrier to transport most of school buses out of China to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, taking up over 70% of the market.

This success is definitely an outcome of good collaboration between all concerned parties

Mr. Sukho Choi

Trade Manager Trade Europe

“For this bus delivery project, we focused on efficiency and flexibility in our ASEU operations by deploying vessels on trade routes only between the Far East and the Red Sea. Under the circumstances where we were short of cargo volumes to Red Sea trade, this bus project was just perfect for EUKOR as the POD was Jeddah, where we could sail back to the Far East for loading remaining buses soon after discharging, not having to pass through Suez Canal as we normally do,” said Mr. Cheong, Jehyoung, Tonnage Allocation Manager.

Also Mr. Choi, Sukho, Trade Manager Trade Europe at HQ added that “this success is definitely an outcome of good collaboration between all concerned parties at EUKOR – colleagues at EUKOR China, Ulsan and Pyeongtaek offices, Tonnage Allocation and Trade Europe team at HQ, overcoming off-season of 2019.”

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