Meet the customer experience team: Making our customers feel heard, informed and certain

As a company that values the voice of our customers, the importance of having strong customer relationships has come into even sharper focus in this period of global economic uncertainty. Our new customer experience team is listening to ensure the voice of the customer is heard and acted upon.

Customer experience team

Effective customer experience management should be top of any company’s agenda. Everybody in our business has an impact on the customer experience, but as a company operating on a worldwide scale, developing a harmonized customer experience strategy requires a centralized team with a specific mission. This is where our customer experience (CX) team comes in.

We know our customers want to feel heard, informed and certain in our service delivery. We are building effective methods of communication, providing easy access to relevant information and creating seamless processes

Cecilia Guerra

VP, global customer experience

Acting on the voice of the customer

Established in 2021, the CX team is focused on creating a seamless and simple experience in shipping and logistics for customers when they interact with our business. The team takes a bird’s eye view of the points where the customer and company meet and looks at how these can be improved and made uniform. Why is this important? Making business decisions in a market in flux isn’t always easy, so we want to create simplicity for our customers.

How do we achieve this? By listening. We want to hear our customers’ stories and use them to make meaningful change. The CX team is developing a strategy that is based on data and facts that come from both external and internal feedback, and from which action can be taken. Cecilia Guerra, VP for global customer experience, explains.

“We want to create a purposefully adopted framework that focuses on automation and harmonization of touchpoints for our customers, across our range of teams, brands and products.

“This will create alignment throughout and to achieve this, we are sharing voice of the customer insights with our teams, so they can make informed business decisions.”

Constantly reviewing feedback and identifying opportunities

This strategy is already underway with the development of platforms that give voice to our customers and help us understand what their priorities are. The starting point was the first bi-annual customer satisfaction survey in April 2022 which revealed that effective communication was the number one priority. From this, we are defining measures for improvement.

Another example concerns our shipping services. Where we once had 78 booking confirmation templates, now we have one that works across all departments and countries. Providing clear information in a consistent manner, it allows customers to prepare for cargo delivery.

Guerra stresses it is constant enhancements such as this that will ensure customers continue to have confidence in our services.

“Creating an integrated logistics experience across the globe is key to ensure exceptional service levels. However looking at a localized need is also important to maintain customer satisfaction,” she says.

In the immediate future and following the success of the survey (a second will be sent to customers in October), the team will be rolling out further feedback channels to establish a strong foundation from which the business can react to customers’ needs and create strong partnerships.

Over time, the mission will evolve and look at further areas that can be developed, such as automation and digitization of the customer journey.

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