Our new Shaper Class vessels pave the way for our journey to near zero

“This cutting-edge addition to our fleet not only emphasizes fuel efficiency and impressive cargo capacity but also solidifies our commitment to sustainability, making Wallenius Wilhelmsen the partner of choice for environmentally conscious shipping solutions,” said Lars Dessen, VP Newbuilding and Projects.

Shaper class EK only

Fueling the Future

The next-generation 9,300 CEU methanol dual fuel Shaper Class pure car and truck carrier (PCTC) vessels can utilize alternative fuel sources, such as methanol, upon delivery. They will also be ammonia ready as the design enables them to be able to be converted as soon as ammonia becomes available in a safe and secure way.

These next generation vessels will play a key role in our emission reduction strategy and are essential to the introduction of EUKOR’s net zero emissions end-to-end service by 2027.

Let’s learn more about these one-of-a-kind vessels.

Efficiency Redefined: Optimizing Size and Capacity

The Shaper Class not only help us move closer towards our net zero ambitions, but they also address the practical needs of our customers. Great efforts have been made to optimize the hull form to be very efficient for the expected operation profile for this vessel. The design maximizes cargo capacity and flexibility. For example, 2 of the 4 movable decks have been made electrically hoistable giving simplified, less labor-intensive adjustment of the movable cargo decks. This also has a positive implication on potential rest-hours and thus safety.

The vessels will be delivered with shore power capability to enable zero emissions at berth.

In addition to the optimizing the hull for efficiency, we have opted for several energy efficiency and saving devices, such as Air Lubrication System (ALS) of the hull, a battery solution for reduced energy consumption during maneuvering and power generation optimization and solar panels for emission free power generation.


Safety: Additional fire safety features

The Shaper Class design also has additional voluntary fire prevention measures applied both in the machinery spaces, accommodation spaces and in the cargo hold. Additional fire extinguishing capacity is added to be able to handle more of the cargo space (two fire zones as opposed to one as required by regulations) or have higher concentration of the extinguishing media if needed for handling for example BEV fires.

For our customers, this means more convenience, reduced operational complexities, and a streamlined shipping experience.

Vessel particulars

Capacity (CEU)


Number of decks12
Number of H&H decks4
Number of liftable/hoistable decks2/2
Length overall (meter)228
Breadth (meter)38
Stern ramp (SWL,t)320 (480 with LMS*)
Methanol range (nm)Abt 20,000
VLSFO (nm)Abt 20,000

* LMS – Load Monitoring System with additional tension in ramp wires.

Customer-Centric By Design

Understanding the unique needs of our customers is key for us to maintain our position as their preferred integrated logistics partner. Versatility is often key for our customers, and this vessel caters to a diverse range of cargo demands, ensuring that each customer receives a tailored and efficient shipping service. The cargo hold will be equipped with WiFi connectivity possibilities preparing for possible data transfer between cargo units onboard and customers land based organizations in the future. With the Shaper Class, we place our customers at the helm, offering a seamless and reliable shipping experience.

Wallenius 01 1

Crew Welfare: Focus on life onboard

Through a survey among crew, we have taken into consideration wishes from the men and women that live onboard our vessels for longer periods. There is a swimming pool, sauna and gym available to the crew, as well as an entertainment rooms with equipment. Preparation for Low Earth Orbit antennas is provided in order to offer better WiFi bandwidth than conventional V-SAT systems.

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