updated as of 05 October 2022

On the ocean

Oceania import, export and coastal service remain in place, with the number of sailings offered reflective of the current market environment.

As we are currently in BMSB season, there is an additional risk for vessels found to be contaminated as they may incur additional delays on top of the existing challenges.

Freemantle, Australia - Due to prolonged waiting times for vessels waiting to berth, we've reduced our number of sailings into the port.

In ports and terminals

Melbourne - Port is facing congestion issues to additional volumes coming into the port. This is related to port closure in Brisbane and cargo needing to be rerouted, which has led to additional vessel delays and limited terminal capacity. The port is using additional space to address the terminal congestion, and we expect the situation to improve over the next month.

Port Kembla - The increase in Covid 19 Omicron cases, in combination with terminal congestion continues to disrupt vessel schedules and operations at the port. Additional cargo has also been rerouted to the port due to the closure in Brisbane, and the terminal operator is utilizing off-site storage to accommodate the increased volume. Though this has added extra delivery time to clear the cargo.

Brisbane - RoRo vessels have been able to enter the port as of 8 March, though many vessels skipped the port to discharge cargo elsewhere. The port continues to recover from the aftermath of the weather event that took place earlier in March. The channel is still being cleared of debris and movements in the upriver sections of the are still restricted. Wharf and yard are now congested with vessels now discharging cargo (transshipment) that was earlier skipped during the weather event. We expect this congestion to last at least till the 1st week of April.

Fremantle - Waiting time for ships to berth is on average 7 days. An increase in Covid 19 Omicron cases has also impacted the local labour force.

At our equipment processing centres

Operations: We are maintaining our processing services and all our sites are fully operational. We continue to uphold precautionary measures to ensure the safety of all on site.

Given the close proximity of our EPCs to the ports, we are using our staff and facilities where possible to mitigate port challenges. Customers needing support in getting products off terminals for storage or other value add services inside our Technical Services facilities are encouraged to reach out to us.

Inland distribution

We continue to maintain our inland distribution services for customers unaffected by Covid-19. Local supply chain requirements have felt some impact in the trucking segment, with demand reducing.