Carbon Compass 2.0: Supporting customers’ greenhouse gas reporting needs

By presenting accurate, transparent greenhouse gas data on a global, trade lane or voyage level, Carbon Compass 2.0 ensures that customers get the granular detail they need to report on their Scope 3 supply chain emissions.


What is Carbon Compass 2.0?

Carbon Compass 2.0 is our new and improved greenhouse gas monitoring and reporting tool that supports decarbonization in shipping. Since launching the original version 12 years ago, we’ve seen a growing demand from our customers to receive up-to-speed greenhouse gas emissions data across their supply chains.

By investing in technology and digitalizing our fleet, this latest version of the tool enables us to meet these evolving needs and provide customized and granular feedback to enquiries from contract customers.

Sounds interesting, but how can it help me?

Carbon Compass 2.0 calculates the total greenhouse gas and greenhouse gas intensity of the ocean leg of your supply chain. It gives tailored, accurate and timely emissions data based on the actual weight of your cargo.

With this information, we not only can provide feedback to your specific questions and help you meet contractual periodic reporting needs, but also work collaboratively with you on greenhouse gas emission reduction measures.

What level of detail can the tool provide?

Need data on a global, trade lane or voyage level? No problem. Carbon Compass 2.0 can provide all the above, making it easier to monitor and report on Scope 3 supply chain emissions.

Depending on your preference, the results can be presented using the overall global or trade route averages as a basis, or only using the voyages on which you have products.

What makes Carbon Compass 2.0 a leading greenhouse gas measurement tool?

Carbon Compass 2.0 provides the most accurate greenhouse gas emissions data available. Results are based on IMO emissions factors and the key operational parameters that determine these emissions, including fuel consumed, cargo weight and distance sailed.

With such accurate and sophisticated data at our fingertips, we can help you meet your ocean greenhouse gas emissions monitoring and reporting needs.

How can I access this information?

Contact your local sales manager today to find out more about how Carbon Compass can support your shipping emission reporting needs.

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